About the GGF

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) represents companies who make, supply or fit, glass and glass related products in the UK and internationally.

The GGF is the main representative organisation for companies involved in all aspects of the manufacture of flat glass and products and services for all types of glazing, in commercial and domestic sectors.

Members of the GGF include companies that manufacture and install energy efficient windows, in homes and commercial buildings, the performance glass used in every type of building from houses to high-rise tower blocks and the components that are used to manufacture every type of glazing.

GGF members produce and install safety, fire and emergency glazing, special films to protect against the sun’s rays or terrorist and vandal attacks and in fact, every type of glazing installation, no matter how specialised.

The GGF is recognised by government and plays a large part in the setting of new standards and regulations, such as The Building Regulations, the rules that govern and control the way our buildings are constructed in the UK.

Within the GGF are key subsidiaries, such as ‘FENSA’ which helps ensure that energy efficient windows and doors are installed to the appropriate Building Regulations in order to comply with planning rules. Other subsidiaries include, the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) the company responsible for developing Window Energy Ratings, to allow anyone choosing new windows to choose the most efficient windows by their Energy Efficient Labels - familiar to anyone buying electrical appliances.

GGF Missions

The Broad Mission

The GGF exists to promote its members, industry best practice and helps set the highest technical standards in Glass. The Federation is also the voice of the industry in local and national politics helping shape and influence policy and legislation. As well as offering an array of benefits to its members, the GGF guides and protects homeowners when buying glass or glazing products and services. 

Working for our Members

The Voice of the Industry

The GGF works for its members by providing a significant voice in the political arena and in all debates with related industry and trade organisations.

The Brand of Authority

The GGF is a brand that is recognised internationally as the industry authority. This authority has been built up over many years of political lobbying and representing members in industry debates. The position as industry authority is underpinned by the exceptional technical team at the GGF who set the benchmark for technical standards within the industry.

Protecting Customers

Being the authority and voice of the industry, the GGF also guides customers (trade and consumer) with technical advice and direction to its member companies.

Anyone choosing a GGF member company will benefit from the GGF’s strict vetting process of all its members and its insistence that all members work to the highest technical specifications in compliance with building regulations. Homeowners can rest assured that by choosing a GGF member company they will get high quality products, service and workmanship and value for money. (See more: Why Use A GGF Member Company?)

The GGF is always keen to protect homeowners against unscrupulous traders and in the last few decades the glass and glazing industry has endured an often unfair reputation leaving many homeowners wary. If you are thinking of having windows, glazed doors or a conservatory fitted by a GGF Member, then you can do so with the genuine confidence that the work will be carried out perfectly and with care and consideration for your home. (See more: Your Guarantees)

As well as installation, products manufactured by GGF member companies are to the highest standards and should perform at least to the regulated requirements. By choosing a GGF Member Company, you will be covered by the GGF Conciliation Service and Customer Deposit Scheme. This service protects your deposit and installation meaning you can enjoy your new, high-performance windows and the benefits they will bring to your home and family.

If you feel a GGF member company has failed to deliver the standards the GGF has set in its rules and codes of practice, then please contact the GGF and benefit from our free Conciliation Service – this is in place to resolve disputes between GGF member companies and customers. The success of the Conciliation Service is well proven with just one dispute in the last ten years being unresolved and going to arbitration.

When looking for a manufacturer, supplier or contractor for all glass types and glass related products, energy efficient windows or conservatories you should start by looking for a Glass and Glazing Federation Member.