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The roles of an architect and specifier are crucially important as the decisions they make when planning and designing the construction of a building will affect public safety. Cutting corners should never be an option and things have to be planned down to the smallest of details to ensure that everything goes to plan. With this comes a huge sense of responsibility and pressure.

Those in the construction industry are encouraged to utilise the resources and invaluable advice that the GGF can offer before undertaking such jobs as we can work alongside you to guarantee everything runs as smoothly as possibly. This will help reduce the chances of you being found liable for poor workmanship and compromising safety.

We can provide you with the guidance you need to be sure of fitting the right glazing in the right place as we have publications for you to peruse on both laminated glass and toughened glass. Appropriate fire protection in buildings is also a vital issue and we have all the knowledge you will ever need on fire-resistant glazed systems.

Our ‘expert witness’ and consultancy advice really is unparalleled, making the GGF an essential soundboard that you can depend on time and time again.


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