Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

Working in the construction industry is a big responsibility as you have a duty to the public and the reputation of the industry as a whole. This can be a huge burden, but one which can be lifted from your shoulders when you seek to utilise the know-how that the GGF has picked up since its formation. See how we can help you to work without unnecessary pressure.

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Do I really need GGF support?

We feel that you do. We can work alongside you to ensure that you complete all work to the highest of standards and comply with all safe working practices. The quality of workmanship provided by you will meet and exceed all expectations when you take on board all the expertise we have acquired within the glazing industry over the years.

What kind of advice can you give?

We have numerous publications that you can read up on and follow to ensure that you are not held accountable for any substandard craftsmanship. The GGF is also renowned for offering members all the support they need when any work completed is called into question. We also work very closely with the health and safety executive and are able to give you support of the very highest calibre.