Consumer Management Group

Consumer Management Group

The Group has been active since 2008 and gives guidance to the Federation Membership on significant consumer policy or legislative issues and advice on those subjects that require referral to the Group in accordance with its role. 

The Group is made up of current Federation Members who have demonstrated to the Federation that they have a commitment to the continual improvement of issues relating to consumer matters.

The Group normally meets at no more than quarterly intervals, although special meetings may be convened as required.  

The Group’s role is to guide the policies and business actions of Federation members in matters relating to consumers.  In particular it will:-

  • Approve amendments to the Federation’s consumer related literature.
  • Give broad direction to Federation members’ consumer policies.
  • Approve key strategic outputs on consumer protection issues.
  • Approve proposals for service levels and other consumer related targets that may be set by the Federation.
  • Advise members of relevant changes in consumer legislation.