Glass Repair Group

Professionally repairing damage on glass surfaces

Glass Repair Group

The GGF Glass Repair Group has been established to ensure that new technology meets current codes of practice. The Group also makes sure all its Members comply with the latest legislation and that customers receive the highest levels of service and workmanship.

Glass polishing has been in existence almost as long as glass itself, but has only become recognised as a creditable alternative to glass replacement for damaged glass in recent years due to the development of polishing technology.

Have you considered repairing your glass? If it's been damaged by a scratch, graffiti, contamination or air pollution you may save time, money and incovenience by repairing instead of replacing. Read the GGF Glass Repair Leaflet in the publications section below.

The GGF Glass Repair Group meets four times per year and is Chaired by Bob Griffin of Renew Glass. The Group has in recent times produced several publications (including a consumer leaflet and technical data sheet) which can be found in the content below. If you are in the construction industry and would like to join the Group please contact the GGF.