Glazing Components Group

Glazing Components Group

The Glazing Components Group is probably the best supported and most active Group currently operating in the Federation and comprises sealant manufacturers; spacer bar and desiccant supplies; decorative products such as georgian bars and other components necessary for the glass user. It also has a place for consultants who have experience in its area.

Its major activity is in the production and maintenance of GGF literature which covers all aspects of using products to make and install glass and insulating glass units. The Group is represented on CEN and ISO committees to ensure, wherever possible, the UK industry is not affected detrimentally with new standards.

The Group meets four times a year and has strong links with the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Group.

It has representation on the Federation’s Standards Committee and Glazing Executive, the Federation’s industry committee SE25 and will also meet regularly with outside organisations such as NHBC, BSI and BRE whenever there is a mutual interest.

The Group reports to the Specialist Interest Executive.

If you would like to receive more information about this group, please contact the GGF