Safety Glazing Group

Safety glazing is essential in certain locations

Safety Glazing Group

Safety Glazing should be a top priority in certain locations in order to comply with strict building regulations, avoiding the chances of you being left open to criticism.

Safety Glazing or Thermally Treated Glass is a single piece of float or non-wired cast, annealed soda-lime silica glass, subjected to a thermal process which greatly increases its resistance to mechanical and thermal stress and gives it prescribed fragmentation characteristics.

There are three product families that make up thermally treated glass.

Thermally toughened glass

Thermally toughened glass has safer breakage behaviour when compared with annealed glass.

Thermally toughened safety glass can be manufactured from several annealed glass compositions. The thermally toughened products must comply with the appropriate standard:

EN 12150-1 for soda lime silicate glass

EN 12150-1 for borosilicate glass

EN 12150-1 for alkaline earth silicate glass