Homeowners Frequently Asked Questions

If you are lucky enough to own your home you are sure to view it as one of your proudest possessions. Therefore it makes it vitally important when you want to improve your home with new windows, doors or a conservatory that you choose an installer fit for the job.

Discover why employing a GGF member will be one of the most sensible choices you could ever make: Why use a GGF Member Company?

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Why choose a GGF approved member above anyone else?

A GGF member has all the proven credentials required to install all types of windows, doors and conservatories. They meet all expected industry standards and employing a GGF member gives you peace of mind when you need to be reassured of a job well done.

If you were to choose a non-GGF member and be left unsatisfied with the work completed, you may have no support service to call upon.

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What if the work completed by a GGF member fails to meet my expectations?

All members are expected to follow the guidelines laid out in our Code of Good Practice and Glazing Manual when undertaking work.

However, you can take advantage of our FREE conciliation service if you consider the level of work to be below an acceptable standard. This seeks to bring any disputes to a satisfactory and mutually agreeable conclusion as quickly as possible.

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