• Posted 04/07/2016

As, the Glass and Glazing Federation’s (GGF) consumer website gathers real momentum, the GGF has now issued a free promotional support pack to all its consumer facing Member companies to show consumers they are part of was launched in Autumn 2015 and in the first quarter of 2016, the GGF has  focused on web innovations and the development of a national PR campaign to drive traffic to the new site.

James Lee, Head of GGF Group Marketing commented, “The recent launches on, the “GGF Energy Savings Calculator” and our “Window with a View” national consumer competition have already considerably boosted our web traffic. With the new promotional packs combined with our strong social media and search engine marketing plans in full flow, I am positive we will hit our target of getting over one hundred thousand consumers engaging with by the end of the year.”

Currently, is attracting an average of 500 new visits each week day but this number is expected to grow significantly with the online marketing plan in full implementation and with GGF Member companies using the consumer friendly promotional packs which include branded vehicle and window stickers.

James added, “The promotional packs have been produced not only to help increase brand awareness but also to help GGF Members show consumers they are both on and proud GGF Members. The GGF is doing more for consumer facing Member companies than ever before and with so much activity on many fronts, these are exciting times for GGF Members operating in the home improvement sector.”  

To be on companies first have to join the GGF and comply with the GGF’s Consumer Code of Practice as approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). If you sell direct to consumers and are interested in joining the GGF and being on then please email Annual fees start from as little as £330.

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