• Posted 20/12/2011

The Glass and Glazing Federation is inviting all its members to contribute to its formal response to the Green Deal Consultation by 6th January latest.

To read current GGF Draft Response online please click here or email Bridie Joyce, Home Improvement Secretary, 

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is seeking views from industry, stakeholders and the general public on all elements of the Green Deal schemes, which have been published alongside an impact assessment, draft secondary legislation and a draft code of practice. Responses direct to DECC are due by 18th January but the GGF will be issuing its own formal response before this date and is calling on all members to respond.

In particular the GGF would like members’ views on the following aspects of the Green Deal Consultation:

Question 8: - Should door sets be included within Green Deal? They have been included with energy efficient windows up until now but, Annex A does not list doors as a measure. The concern is the cost and energy savings will not meet the Golden rule and if included with a window contract; make this unlikely to meet the financial model.

Question 63:  Do you believe Green Deal could work for the glass and glazing industry.  (The Consultation may map out a clear route to finance but the GGF Draft Response identifies the difficult route for delivery.)

The GGF would also appreciate members’ feedback or guidance on Chapter 8 Q42-50 and Chapter 9 Q51-55.

ECO (Energy Company Obligation), this would provide a grant for people classified as being in fuel poverty and hard to treat properties (the example provided is solid wall insulation).

ECO may seem attractive because this could potentially open markets (especially if windows are combined with solid wall insulation) however, the funding is provided by industry and consumers via our fuel bills.

To read the full consultation follow this link:

Respond and make a difference

For more information on the formal GGF response to the Green Deal Consultation, please contact Giles Willson, Deputy CEO and Director of Technical Affairs. Email Giles direct on

Green Deal Debate Follow up 

On Jan 10th there will be a Green Deal Debate Follow Up Meeting to review the final draft of the response. If you are a GGF Member and you would like to attend this event please contact Bridie Joyce by emailing

If you have a comment to make or any information relating to this article please contact the GGF

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