• Posted 02/10/2017

Brian Baker and Brian Waldron after receiving awards for Outstanding Service to the Glass and Glazing Federation at GGF Members Day 2017.

As the GGF celebrated the Federation’s 40th Anniversary at its annual Members Day, the occasion proved extra special for two long-serving GGF Members

Brian Baker (former GGF President and interim Chief Executive) and Brian Waldron (Chairman of the GGF Standards Committee) have been recognised for Outstanding Service to the Glass and Glazing Federation.

Brian Baker

Brian Baker started in the industry in 1979 with Solaglas and first engaged with the Federation in 1981. He has been intensively at the forefront of the GGF for the last 7 years and was arguably the most active GGF Member as Chairman on many specialist groups and committees. In one single year, Brian attended over 120 GGF meetings.

In 2009, Brian became a Member of the GGF Board and in 2014-15 was elected GGF President. In the second half of 2016, he was also acting President and Chairman of the GGF Board in preparation for the new President’s inauguration in 2017. Brian planned to retire at the end of 2016, but the GGF asked him to step in as interim Chief Executive until May 2017, when Phil Pluck was appointed the role. From major decisions as a Board Director to a having significant input into GGF technical publications such as the Safety and Security Glazing Good Practice Guide, Brian’s contribution across many facets of the GGF has been immense over the decades.

Brian Waldron

Brian Waldron’s commitment and service to the industry goes back almost 50 years to 1969 when he started with Pilkington Brothers Ltd in the Technical Sales Laboratory mainly on 'glass strength' testing and development of impact test methods. He was also involved in the 'Mathews v Kember' case. This started with testing safety products from all areas of the UK market. The objective being to ensure that the ANZI Z79.1 test methodology could be taken on for the classification of 'flat safety glass and safety plastics' in the UK market which became a British Standard in 1981.

Since then he has served on many GGF, British, European and International technical committees and is widely regarded as the global glass and glazing industry’s technical guru in particular on the safety glazing and standardisation.

Brian is the only individual in the GGF Membership who has been part of a GGF committee or specialist group since the Federation was formed 40 years ago. He has had an input into every GGF technical document that has ever been published and contributed to the very first GGF Glazing Manual in 1978. He is considered the foremost expert witness in the industry and is still going strong representing the GGF on international technical panels and chairing the GGF’s Standards Committee. Suffice to say that when he does decide to retire, he will be irreplaceable.

On receiving their awards both commented: 

Brian Baker: “I had planned to retire a few years ago but when I am asked to help out, it seems I just can’t refuse. I would like to thank everyone for all their help over the years. I’m pleased to have played my part in the GGF and truly honoured to receive this award from the Federation.”

Brian Waldron: “I remember the GGF when it started in 1977, in small rented offices at Mount Row in Mayfair and I am pleased to have been part of its incredible success over the last 40 years. I will continue to be involved with the GGF as maintaining the highest technical standards is of paramount importance in our industry. I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of all those who have contributed to the GGF technical groups and committees."

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