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Rosie Cooper Parliamentary Questions 02/02/2011

Houses of Parliament


Parliamentary Questions asked by Rosie Cooper MP following her recent visit to Pilkington, answered by Greg Barker in his role as Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change:

Rosie Cooper: To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change what the name is of each energy efficient product and measure which is to be eligible for funding under the Green Deal.
Gregory Barker: The Government will set out in secondary legislation the criteria to determine the types of measures that will be eligible for Green Deal finance. These will be defined in consultation with industry and stakeholders in 2011.
A key element of the Green Deal finance arrangements is that only measures that can demonstrate payback through energy efficiency savings, which are equal to or greater than the installation costs, will qualify. The criteria will therefore be based on evidence related to the performance and cost effectiveness of measures, and are likely to specify that measures must be those which are fixed to the fabric of buildings.
Rosie Cooper: To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change what steps his Department is taking to encourage the takeup of energy efficient glazing; and what steps it is taking to ensure glazing is a viable measure in the Green Deal.
Gregory Barker: The most energy efficient glazing is eligible for support through the current Carbon Emissions Reduction Target. In addition, the Government are taking forward the Energy Bill which will promote the uptake of energy efficiency measures through a Green Deal. The Green Deal will enable the installation of a range of energy efficiency products in buildings at no upfront cost.
The measures eligible for Green Deal finance will be based on criteria set out in secondary legislation, which will be formally consulted on later this year. Our initial assessments suggest that glazing may, in some cases, qualify for some level of finance.
This continued pressure upon DECC to include EEWs in the Green Deal is a great result for the GGF and its programme of constituency MP meetings.